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Quicker, streamlined
and more secure procurements


Boost productivity through digital procurement

Engaging in procurement through traditional methods such as email is cumbersome and time-consuming.  


With HandyDay you can swiftly and seamlessly handle your requests for proposals. The platform automates numerous tasks, streamlining the entire process. 


Cut the time spent on tenders in half.

It is easy to create and publish a request for proposal. You can see which suppliers have read the request and plan to submit bids. Additionally, requests for information and technical questions are

managed within our platform. 

Received bids are automatically compiled on the screen, simplifying the comparison and evaluation process. HandyDay makes procurement effortless.


Gain a better insight into your suppliers.

It is crucial not to chose the wrong supplier. HandyDay gives you a comprehensive overview of how your suppliers are performing and you avoid the need to chase updated information.

You can swiftly access information about collective agreements, credit ratings, payment remarks and more.


Pre-qualification is now done in seconds.

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Improved cost managemet

Our platform's efficient compilation of the bids makes it easy to see the total cost in relation to the budget for the project.


Connect your teams and procurement projects

Procurement processes often face a lack of effective communication between the office and the construction site. 


HandyDay simplifies collaboration by enabling easy sharing of all information. Multiple procurement team members can collaborate in real-time on the projects, and handovers are now done in no time.

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