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Safer choices with Supplier Checkup

Get company information and decision-making data gathered in one place!

Don't choose the wrong supplier!

In uncertain times, it's especially important to minimize unnecessary risks when choosing suppliers.

Through HandyDays' smart service, Supplier Checkup, company data is presented to help construction and real estate companies make well-founded and secure decisions.


What used to take half an hour per company is now done in just a few seconds.

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All gathered in one place

Supplier Checkup provides you with all essential company information updated and gathered in one place.

You can see credit data from Creditsafe, debt balances from Kronofogden, ID06, F-tax and employer contributions from Skatteverket, collective agreements, employer organizations, insurance information, and much more.

Finally, you no longer have to chase updated facts!

Meet external compliance requirements

Companies in the construction and real estate industry face a range of external reporting requirements. It could be the ordering customer who wants to see a report on partners throughout the entire chain, new EU directives, potential financiers, or Swedish legislation.

Regardless of your unique situation, HandyDays' Supplier Checkup helps you meet these requirements. Our smart service provides you with a consolidated decision-making basis that is easy to present to customers, banks, and other stakeholders.

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A common overview

In dispersed organizations, there is a risk that information becomes fragmented and difficult to access between different offices, construction sites, and regions.

HandyDay's Supplier Checkup service enables everyone within your company to easily access supplier evaluations and ensures that the information is always readily available.

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