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Patrik Wågensand, CEO, Rocmore AB

HandyDay - GBJ Bygg AB

What made you choose HandyDay?

It was through a reference that spoke highly of your procurement tool and how it streamlined their purchasing processes. We found it intriguing, and HandyDay has truly lived up to the high expectations we had.

How has HandyDay simplified your procurement work?

HandyDay has created a structure that helps us organize our operations. Everything is consolidated into one system, providing an efficient and clear overview. Previously, there were numerous back-and-forth emails scattered across different inboxes, making it challenging to have a complete grasp on everything. With HandyDay, handovers become straightforward. If someone on our team is absent, the next person can quickly understand where we are in the procurement process and take it from there.

Do you use HandyDay when evaluating your suppliers?

Absolutely. Through HandyDay, we instantly obtain information about the well-being of the companies we want to collaborate with. Previously, we had to navigate multiple systems to find relevant details, but now we have a quick and seamless holistic view. This can include everything from ID06 to collective agreements, which we can now efficiently verify.

What do you think is the best feature of HandyDay?

I would say that in our organisation, we consider supplier evaluation to be the absolute best feature. Having a fast and comprehensive overview of a company's status on a single page provides significant peace of mind. So HandyDay helps us both in terms of time and security.

Do you find HandyDay easy to use and learn?

Yes, I would definitely say so. For instance, we have a few newly hired employees who have started using the tool, and they quickly got the hang of it. Moreover, the HandyDay team has been incredibly responsive. Whenever we've provided feedback on improvements, they have promptly made adjustments in the system. So the service has been excellent.

Who would you recommend HandyDay to?

I would recommend it to a wide range of people, including those in the trade I belong to: entrepreneurs, but also property owners, and even consulting firms. Anyone working with procurement and purchasing can find great utility in HandyDay.


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