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Martin Windolf, CEO, Winge Byggnads AB

HandyDay - Winge

What did your procurement process look like before HandyDay, and what challenges did you experience?

Everything was handled via email, which was a very time-consuming process. Additionally, each purchaser worked in their own way, resulting in a lack of standardised structure. Above all, the lack of a cohesive approach made it difficult to have a clear overview. We felt it was time for a system that would organise our work and make it more consistent for everyone.

How has HandyDay simplified your procurement work?

Thanks to HandyDay, our work has become structured and systematic. We have a smooth overview of who is doing what, and it's quick to retrieve all the historical project data. I can look back at a procurement three months later and see exactly what was said and what questions were asked between us and our suppliers. The traceability is excellent. Moreover, it's easy to get an idea of the bids we can expect and evaluate which suppliers we do not wish to collaborate with.

Do you feel that you save time with HandyDay?

Definitely. The tool helps us streamline the entire procurement process. We avoid wasting unnecessary time and energy on administration.

What do you think is the best thing about HandyDay?

The overview! The overview and all the time we save.

Do you find HandyDay easy to use and learn?

It is very easy and user-friendly. I have colleagues who were quite inexperienced with computers, but even they quickly adapted to the tool and now use HandyDay daily without any difficulties. That's a fantastic endorsement.

Who would you recommend HandyDay to?

Actually, all construction companies and ordering organisations. The construction industry can be quite conservative, sticking to "this is how we've always done it." However, digitization and HandyDay are truly the future. The potential is enormous.


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