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Mats Andersson, Construction engineer, GBJ Bygg AB

HandyDay - GBJ Bygg AB

What did your procurement process look like before HandyDay, and what challenges did you experience?

It was very time-consuming. We often searched for suppliers through platforms like Google, compiled them in Excel, and then communicated via email. It was cumbersome, and a significant portion of the procurement work involved administrative tasks. Additionally, it was challenging to receive feedback and know if the suppliers were interested and intended to submit bids. There was a lot of back-and-forth chasing.

How has HandyDay simplified your procurement work?

HandyDay has simplified our procurement work in terms of time and made it much more efficient. Creating, sending, and updating inquiries is incredibly easy. We also have both our own requirements and our customers' demands regarding the subcontractors we collaborate with. With HandyDay, we can easily check if a company has its finances and permits in order. We no longer need to worry about it.

How do you use HandyDay to meet your clients' requirements regarding supplier control?

In fact, we have a significant collaborative project with a multinational client in the manufacturing industry where we use HandyDay. The client has very high demands on its partners, and our entire organisation was thoroughly scrutinized. The procurement process was a vital part, and we demonstrated how HandyDay minimized our risks when evaluating our subcontractors. The client was impressed, and we received the highest rating without any remarks, which is rare for construction companies according to them. This reflects how effectively HandyDay works, even internationally in English.

Has HandyDay helped you create structure in your operations?

Yes, I really think so. We have a turnover of nearly two billion SEK and operate in many regions far from Kronoberg. People are working on procurement in different locations and projects. Thanks to HandyDay, we can see what's happening immediately. It can range from receiving questions to receiving actual bids. Now, we can quickly discuss and validate the bids among ourselves.

What do you think is the best thing about HandyDay?

The ease of use, the clarity, and the speed. As I mentioned earlier, it's fast to create, send, and update an inquiry, and we can easily compare bids and evaluate suppliers. The entire chain is easy to oversee, and our internal communication is significantly simplified.

Do you find HandyDay easy to use and learn?

Yes, I do. It's very user-friendly and feels straightforward.

Who would you recommend HandyDay to?

I would recommend HandyDay to everyone in the construction industry involved in procurement, regardless of the company's size. Also, to those who want to be part of the supplier network. That's an essential aspect. We inquire a lot about materials and goods, in addition to subcontractors. As a supplier, it's good to be visible.


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