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Mathias Holm, Project Manager, Fastighets AB Balder

Why did you choose HandyDay instead of other procurement tools?

I would say it was the user-friendliness. The process is very linear; you can't go wrong anywhere. You take one point at a time, and then you end up with a completed procurement. Smooth, efficient, and simple.

How does HandyDay simplify your procurement work?

HandyDay helps us primarily with our own quality assurance, documentation, and provides quick traceability for the entire process. It's very easy to go back in a project and see who said what and which documents have been sent where. A colleague can easily hand over to another and say, "Right here is where we are." There's hardly a need for a handover.

Does HandyDay facilitate your supplier evaluation?

Absolutely. It is very easy to get a good overview of potential suppliers in the program. Creditworthiness, employer contributions versus ID06, etc. – we get everything on a neat page. We know and are confident about who we enter into collaboration with.

What do you think is the best thing about HandyDay?

The overview and traceability. I would really like to sum it up as HandyDay does things we know we need to do but in a much more efficient way.

Do you find HandyDay easy to use and learn?

Yes, I would say so. It's very easy to grasp. The system is intuitive, and you understand how it works. As I mentioned earlier, linear. You can't go wrong; there's a path, and you follow it to end up in the right place.

Has HandyDay been helpful with support?

I think you've been very responsive. We've had a dialogue for a long time, and it's clear that you take in the feedback you receive. For example, we suggested integrations that were implemented fairly quickly. It's appreciated.


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