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Tomas Holmqvist, Procurement manager, YIT Sweden

HandyDay - YIT

What did your procurement process look like before HandyDay, and what challenges did you experience?

Before HandyDay, we used another system that was not tailored to our needs. Everything was done manually, and simply adding a supplier to our registry was very time-consuming. It was difficult to get a clear overview, and the projects were quite chaotic, resulting in occasional collaborations with suppliers we shouldn't have worked with.

Has HandyDay made the evaluation of your suppliers easier?

Absolutely. Evaluating a supplier and approving them now takes no time at all. With just a click of a button, we can see all the parameters clearly on one page and immediately determine whether it is a company we want to work with or not. Additionally, we have many projects where our client imposes requirements on our collaborators. Thanks to HandyDay, we can easily show them how our subcontractors are doing. I think that's really great.

How has HandyDay simplified your procurement process?

Through HandyDay, we now have everything consolidated in one smart tool. When we send out requests for proposals, the procurement plan is built into the system, providing a quick and easy overview. The ability to copy previous inquiries saves us a lot of time. We no longer have to reinvent the wheel in every new procurement.

What do you think is the best thing about HandyDay?

Firstly, we save a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary administration during the procurement process. Secondly, we can now feel confident that we are working with the right suppliers. As mentioned earlier, we had difficulties evaluating suppliers in a smooth manner before. This posed a significant risk that could ultimately lead to substantial financial losses. With the supplier registry in HandyDay, we have a clear overview and proper control. I consider that to be the most crucial aspect.

Do you find HandyDay easy to use and learn?

Absolutely. I find it very simple and intuitive. It's easy to figure out where to click, and it's difficult to make mistakes. It also makes work more enjoyable to use a system that is very user-friendly. The threshold to get started is minimal. The team at HandyDay have also provided helpful tutorials, which have been greatly appreciated.

Who would you recommend HandyDay to?

Everyone from large- to medium- to smaller construction companies. Anyone who handles procurement and wants to streamline the process while gaining better control over the entire procurement process.


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